On August 31, 2017 in conjunction with the Dallas County Community College District, we hosted a day-long discussion around "Inspiring the North American Workforce." More than 150 workforce and educational minds gathered at Brookhaven College in Dallas to discuss growing our next generation of manufacturing and logistics workers.

As North America strengthens its global competitive advantage in advanced manufacturing and logistics, we are facing significant and growing labor market shortfalls. We share a common challenge, and also a common opportunity, to “up-skill” and grow our next generation of front-line manufacturing and logistics workers by streamlining and harmonizing our approach to standards and training, and to bring maximum value to workforce credentials.

Key presentations and conversation centered around Tackling North America’s Workforce Challenges, Skills Development Across the US, Canada and Mexico, Improving Growth by Closing the Skills Gap, Workforce in the Changing Face of NAFTA and much more.

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(In order of appearance)

Tackling North America's Workforce Challenges: Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne

Skills Development Across the U.S., Canada and Mexico 
Canadian Competency Framework Report: Jeff Griffiths
Federation des CEGEPS in Quebec: Sylvie Theriault
Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration: Sean Manley-Casimir
Technical Education in Mexico Chart: Cedrian Lopez-Bosch

Developing a North American Workforce Initiative: Melvin, Rooney, Reddy  

Keynote Luncheon Remarks: Workforce in the Changing Face of NAFTA 
Perrin Beatty, President & CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Automation & Technology Changing the Workforce 
Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas: David Setzer

Guided Career Pathways 
The Story of Supply Chain STEM: APICS

(Video of Morning Sessions Below - Click on title to view video)

Tackling North America’s Workforce Challenges
The Honorable Earl Anthony Wayne, Career Ambassador (Ret.); former Ambassador of the United States to Mexico (2011-2015) and Public Policy Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Skills Development Across the U.S., Canada and Mexico
Roger Tadajewski, Executive Director, National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3)
Jeff Griffiths, President, Griffiths Sheppard Consulting Group, Inc. in Calgary
Sylvie Theriault, Director of International Affairs, Federation des CEGEPS in Montreal
Sean Manley-Casimir, Executive Director, Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) in Tucson, Arizona

Improving Growth by Closing the Skills Gap
A discussion with Robert Kaplan, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and Dr. Joe May, Chancellor, Dallas County Community College District.

Developing a North American Workforce Initiative
Tiffany Melvin, President, North American Strategy for Competitiveness (NASCO)
Matthew Rooney, Director, Economic Growth, George W. Bush Institute
Leo Reddy, Chairman & CEO, Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) 


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