At NASCO, our councils focus on the key initiatives and groups comprising our organization. They provide a smaller forum and way for members to be engaged on specific projects, collaborate on certain issues, and exchange knowledge on important tri-national initiatives. The councils have 4 quarterly annual calls and receive updates from staff throughout the year.

The NASCO Supply Chain Council maintains regular contact with, and learns from, key experts from the supply chain industries, including manufacturers, distributors, exporters, beneficial cargo owners, retailers and government agencies on supply chain issues that affect the international competitiveness of North American businesses.

The NASCO Workforce Council is a platform to promote the critical importance of an abundant, highly trained workforce as a key factor in the competitiveness of Canada, the United States and Mexico individually and as the North American workforce in the global marketplace.

The NASCO Energy Council informs and educates public and private interests of the importance of energy logistics and the energy supply chain – both domestic and international.

 The NASCO North American Neighborhood Council focuses on connecting members from cities, counties, economic development agencies, and regional entities from across North America to share local and regional challenges and solutions, reduce barriers to trade, and discuss best practices and actionable solutions to improve the competitiveness of their jurisdictions, and North America, in the global marketplace.

 The NASCO State, Provincial & Local Governments Focus Group encourages states and provinces to work across borders to facilitate trade, harmonize laws and regulations, and eliminate complexities and barriers to trade to improve the competitiveness of their state / province, country and North America.

The NASCO University Focus Group is an effort to coordinate, align and engage the transportation, infrastructure, freight, environmental and energy research efforts of universities and colleges in the NASCO Network.

The NASCO Mexico Focus Group works passionately to raise awareness in Mexico and across North America of the critical role that logistics, freight networks, corridors and a skilled workforce play in economic growth.