NASCO North American Neighborhood Council Task Agenda


The NASCO North American Cities Council is a new council designed to promote initiatives that support North American economic competitiveness. The council will focus on connecting members from cities, counties, economic development agencies, and regional entities from across North America to share local and regional challenges and solutions, reduce barriers to trade, and discuss best practices and actionable solutions to improve the competitiveness of their jurisdictions, and North America, in the global marketplace.
 The Council will provide a casual forum for local leaders from the United States, Canada and Mexico to exchange information and expertise to empower and inform the critical decisions affecting important economic development, trade and transportation matters and to enhance business development, competitiveness, growth and job creation.


Our goal is for the council members to be armed with talking points, press releases, draft letters and cutting edge information to enhance their leadership of their local regions. We want our councils be working groups for advocacy and awareness. We aim to provide a multi-jurisdictional approach / partnership related to policies affecting freight movement and congestion, economic development strategies, innovations and actions leading to job creation. The Council provides a unique opportunity to compare strengths and challenges in your community, specifically in the areas of sustainable freight transport mobility congestion, development of a skilled workforce and placement to attract and retain business, and the use of innovative technologies to solve supply chain and congestion challenges.