We believe the best strategy for North American competitiveness lies in innovative supply chains, technologies, and skilled workforce training programs. The only way to achieve results and success is from the grassroots level – the local, state and provincial governments partnering with industry expertise.

Our North American Strategy

•To position and engage our members, their expertise and recommendations at the highest levels of policy and decision making in all three North American nations;

•To be the sub-national government and industry tri-national voice for North American competitiveness in the global marketplace – through education, advocacy, information sharing, coordination and consultation in every sector and at every level – and get results;

•To create lasting professional and personal North American networks for every NASCO member to enable business development, trading relationships, partnerships, sharing of actionable information, professional advancement and leadership in their local communities.

If you are not a member of NASCO, you are missing out! Please contact Rachel Connell for information on membership at any time.