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We are excited to announce that our partners at the George W. Bush Institute have officially released their North American Scorecard! The scorecard, part of the Bush Institute's Economic Growth program, compares the competitive position of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as a region, relative to other major economic regions and countries with large economies. The Scorecard provides the opportunity to see at a glance how well North America-country by country and altogether-is performing in the global economy.

The official Scorecard unveiling took place November 4, 2015 at the Bush Institute with President Bush delivering remarks.  The event consisted of two-panel sessions, a presentation and demonstration of the Scorecard with a brief Q&A followed by a discussion of North American competitiveness. NASCO President, Tiffany Melvin, participated in the second panel. Below please find the remarks from the entire event.

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Square One Supply Chain Podcast 

 Are you a business shipping goods across Canada and beyond?  Looking for ways to move your products faster, more efficiently while lowering shipping costs? If so, join our partners at the Calgary Regional Partnership, Karl Yeh and Reg Johnston, bring the complex world of supply chain, logistics and total landed cost back to square one.

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