Becoming a member is not the only way to help support NASCO and our efforts. Both NASCO members and non-members can actively support some or all of our agenda or just help raise the profile of Thinking North American through the options below.

Contact Rachel Connell, Vice President, Membership & Events for more information.

NASCO hosts events, such as our annual conference and regional summits, geared towards raising awareness about North American competitiveness. Whether you’re a member or not, sponsoring an event is a great way to help support our North American efforts! 

Financial contributions are another way North American minded entities and individuals can help support the work of NASCO. Donations of any size are accepted and greatly appreciated. 

Want to help promote North American supply chain and trade networks? List us - - as a North American resource on your website!

In addition to our educational efforts, NASCO conducts a number of policy initiatives throughout the year. As a member or friend, you can help ensure that the North American community is heard loud and clear in Ottawa, Washington, and Mexico City. Efforts include letter writing campaigns, meetings in each capital city and with key administration, media outreach, white papers, etc. Help spread the word!