The NASCO University Council brings together the institutions that play a vital role in training the next generation of transportation innovators and providing critical studies and solutions to the ever changing needs and requirements our North American Continent continues to face.

The University Council is an effort to coordinate, align and engage the transportation, infrastructure, freight, environmental and energy research efforts of universities and colleges in the NASCO Network. It is a powerful, tri-national voice on trade, transportation, technology and environmental matters.

It is comprised of universities and colleges across the U.S., Canada and Mexico and includes some of the very best specialized transportation research institutes on the continent.

Council Objectives

Provide coordination for freight transport research along the NASCO Network.

Survey common research interests and studies and establish the basis for significant collaborations.

Connect to the vast field of freight transport industry leaders and businesses in all three nations of North America.

Present innovations, reports and breakthroughs to a continental audience.