2017 NASCO Workforce Council Task Agenda

OVERVIEW:The NASCO Workforce Council holds a tri-national vision for harmonized manufacturing and logistics worker training and certification standards in the USA, Canada and Mexico for greater efficiency and productivity. The NASCO Workforce Council is a platform to promote the critical importance of an abundant, highly trained workforce as a key factor in the competitiveness of Canada, the United States and Mexico - individually - and as a North American workforce.

Council members are armed with talking points, press releases, draft letters and cutting edge information to become leaders in their local areas or within their perspective entities. The council is a working group for advocacy, awareness, and leadership while maintaining regular contact with, and learning from, key experts. We aim to bring the best workforce development practices to NASCO network communities, while promoting North American harmonized manufacturing and logistics worker training and certification standards.

The NASCO Workforce Council is committed to addressing the challenges North America faces in acquiring skilled workforce to drive North America to be the most competitive continent in the global market. In 2017, the Council aims to address and help minimize the obstacles surrounding the following critical areas:
  • Elevate public awareness and attention to the growing skills gap in Canada, the United States, and Mexico: The Council encourages members to invest and advocate for pipelines of skilled workers to ensure they are competent to fill frontline jobs, while promoting a positive perception among young people or displaced workers of the nature and potential of modern manufacturing and logistics careers. We support new workers to meet the growing demand by beginning their technical careers with a strong foundation of skills.
  • Promote widespread use of a foundational career technical education curriculum and mutual recognition among North American certifying bodies. The hard work of expanding training and credentials in communities across North America must be undertaken by academic institutions, employers, and job centers developing curricula together to address economic needs. Leaders in the region’s local, state, and federal governments can support this work by encouraging organizations to build from a foundation of competencies designed to support career growth and flexible worker deployment.
  • North American Workforce Declaration: Works to increase signatories from government and industry, across North America to recognize, convince, motivate, and persuade that public and private sectors in all three countries can work together in increasing talent piplines with a goal to increase the competitiveness of the region.
  • Workforce certification funding: Encourage funding in the three countries to allow students the opportunity to pay for and complete workforce certification programs.
NASCO continues to monitor and recognize progress made by Canada, the United States, and Mexico in advancing our mutual workforce objectives, including:

  • Training Programs: Collect information from the various training programs across North America for manufacturing and logistics positions and certification. Assemble and index information onto NASCO website for information database.
  • Resources: Promote workforce efficiency through sharing resources, such as op-eds, presentations, and member outreach to effectuate workforce development in logistics and manufacturing.